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Champion Wealth Strategies offers financial planning programs designed exclusively for physicians.

Champion Wealth Strategies understands doctors’ unique earning, spending and savings patterns across different specialties and age groups.We utilize that knowledge to design integrated financial plans that are intended to help you work towards yours goals. We work hard to mitigate threats to your income and investments, and possible exposure to creditors and frivolous lawsuits.

At Champion Wealth Strategies we feel that there are 5 critical keys to your financial success:

  • Cash Management
  • The structure of your practice
  • Asset protection strategies
  • A comprehensive personalized retirement plan
  • Transitioning your practice
  • Mitigating risk for both you and your family

There is no doubt that physicians are some of the most respected and affluent professionals in the workplace. However, as a physician, you face several challenges when it comes to your financial future. Constant patient care, the need for continuing education demand your full attention, leaving precious little time to devote to your financial well-being. Ironically, you spend most of your life caring for others, and very little time caring for yourself. That’s where Champion Wealth Strategies comes in.

A comprehensive financial plan, investment management, tax efficient strategies, a suitable retirement plan are only a part of the puzzle. The inability to perform puts your practice and your financial future in jeopardy. At CWS, we believe that a carefully architected risk management plan can help protect the value of your business and family members in the event of untimely, pre-retirement disability or death. Taking the appropriate steps to mitigate risk is just as critical to your financial future as the many things you do every day to generate income and create savings.

By addressing your financial life in its totality, you can strive to help prevent potential losses and maximize your ability to reap the rewards that an extensive education and years of hard work have earned. A sound risk management strategy helps to provide you with the confidence to focus on patient care, confident in the knowledge that the most suitable mechanisms have been put in place to help with future practice income in the case of unexpected events. As a doctor, you represent the lifeblood of your practice in many ways. You are the healer to patients, the mentor to associates and students, and equally as important, you are a primary provider to your family, and sometimes the only source, of income.